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2014 Golden Crown Literary Society

 - Historical Fiction






Amazon Best Seller

#1 Lesbian Romance

#1 Lesbian Fiction




2015 Golden Crown Literary Society - Traditional Contemporary Romance
Amazon Best Seller
#1 Lesbian Romance 
#1 Lesbian Fiction 




Amazon Best Seller

#1 Lesbian Romance


Not only are the two leads Hannah and Ashley adorable, the supporting cast of family and friends are superb, too. Bringing to life a multitude of characters is what HP does best. This romance is spilling over with smarts, witty dialogue & laugh-out-loud moments. You'd be a fool not to read it!

Mutual Benefits -  Clare Lydon Review - click here for full review


It's not very often when I book just blows me away -- and this one does. It's funny, and sweet, and romantic, plus poignant, sad, and well, just wonderful story telling. It's reminiscent of Rubyfruit Jungle mixed with Robin Alexander - southern lesbian stories told with heart and sass and tequila by an author who has established her own "bless your heart" voice and style. Couldn't wait to read the next page yet filled with the dread that as the pages turned, the book would end. A book I will enjoy again with each reading. Wow. Just wow.

Saving Grace- Five Star Review on


I found myself laughing out loud at several exchanges between the characters... and crying when the tension among characters became palpable. i enjoyed the book thoroughly... finished it the same day. one must enjoy the tale of the entertainment industry and acting to fully appreciate it -- actually one needs only to appreciate love, fate and romance to relish this book. thoroughly enjoyable...

Stars Collide - Five Star Review on





A beautifully crafted tale of love and loyalty. Set

against the back drop of WW2 you see life-long friendships, and life-long loves, develop as the author compassionately depicts the bravery, and experiences, of the WASPS - the dangers that they faced and the courage that they displayed, while also focusing on individual journeys. A

wonderful read of history, humour and heart.

Silver Wings - Five Star Review on


An easy and very enjoyable read, had me laughing out loud at the banter between characters and sighing in frustration at the leading ladie's lack of communication. Will no doubt read it again in a couple of days

Grace Falls - Five Star Review on

If you are starved for a good book to read ... This is it. Be prepared to lose sleep. Rich and deep.

Silver Wings- Five Star Review on



Excellent story line, romance and humor combined. Loved this book and didn't want to put it down. As Mikey said, "Try it. you'll like it!"

Grace Falls - Five Star Review on



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